Being an on-location photographer means that the options for location are endless. Depending on the outcomes you seek for your artwork, we can shoot in a variety of scenes. In our planning session, we will work out the best locations to ensure your get the outcomes you desire:

Urban - edgy street photography featuring your pet with some of Sydney's funkiest wall art.

Beach - the ideal location for dreamy landscapes featuring your pet... light, airy, stunning.

Parklands - I have some pretty amazing parks nearby which provide endless opportunities for variety in your session.

Home - if your pet prefers the comfort of their home and that is where they are most content, we can create variety in your session by utilising different spaces in your home, both indoors and outside.

Cafe Scene - Is your pet a socialiser who enjoys hanging out with you at your local cafe on the weekend? If yes, then let's incorporate this into your experience.

Rural - If you live in a rural area, there will be many ways to mix it up and take advantage of the beauty in your local area.

On-location means endless backdrop opportunities that simply can't be achieve in a studio. By booking a pet portrait experience with Jo Lyons Photography, we enjoy the great outdoors without a studio in sight. Together we can plan an amazing session for you and your pet.

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